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Advance America: Defining Culture to Enhance Performance

Recognizing the extreme importance of culture and internal communications, Advance America turned to BRIGHT+CO to create an employee engagement program that focused on gathering needed data, defining the desired culture and behaviors, identifying and attacking gaps and barriers, and creating a corporate-wide communications and training program designed to drive wide-spread employee buy-in to a culture that recognizes its service philosophy and rewards those who reinforce it.

Patrick Square: A Traditional Neighborhood Development

Patrick Square is a master planned community in Clemson, SC, that is unique as it is developed into the landscape to preserve the greenspace. It has a commercial town center as well as residential properties.

RSC Bio Solutions

RSC Bio Solutions, a global leader in environmentally acceptable lubricants and cleaners for marine and land markets, partnered with BRIGHT+CO Marketing to establish a new “branded house” strategy. BRICHT+CO conducted extensive research and in-depth analysis of RSC Bio Solutions’ previous brand identity and product naming architecture, as well as a competitive analysis of RSC Bio Solutions’ target markets. It was determined that the competitive offerings were rather undifferentiated, which gave RSC Bio Solutions a good opportunity to create a strong market penetration with a branded product portfolio.

The Greenville Chamber: Creating a Branded House

Over the last 5 years, The Greenville Chamber had developed a go-to-market strategy that was based on a “house of brands” approach, which resulted in 78 different logos and brand names. BRIGHT+CO was brought in to help them create a higher value proposition to the business community. After conduction both primary and secondary research, we recommended that the organization go to market as a branded house – as it would be more efficient and effective in communicating messages with clarity.

Wastequip: Toter: Marketing a House of Brands

Wastequip is a manufacturer of waste and recycling products, that is also a parent brand to Toter, Mountain Tarp, Pioneer, Galbreath and GoToParts. Toter, is a plastic trashcan manufacturer, Pioneer and Galbreath are tarping system manufacturing brands. Galbreath is a large container manufacturer. And GoToParts is an aftermarket parts brand for the industry.


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