The Greenville Chamber: Creating a Branded House

Over the last 5 years, The Greenville Chamber had developed a go-to-market strategy that was based on a “house of brands” approach, which resulted in 78 different logos and brand names. BRIGHT+CO was brought in to help them create a higher value proposition to the business community. After conduction both primary and secondary research, we recommended that the organization go to market as a branded house – as it would be more efficient and effective in communicating messages with clarity.

Our branding approach is deeper than a log. The first stage in this process was redefining their vision and mission, an elevator speech, positioning strategy, tagline, experiential design of their space, collateral and ad campaign. It also involved organizing the 78 logos into a more refined brand architecture so we have one logo. This strategy accompanied a naming taxonomy that has scalable and tight brand guidelines to help police the new brand.


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