Harper General Contractors: New Website Launch

In July of 2018 we partnered with Harper General Contractors to create and launch a new responsive website for their growing business. This website project included new content, design and restructuring of the site’s architecture and user flow to support their business and evolving needs of the audience.

Business Challenge

Increase website engagement and new business leads by streamlining navigation, refining content, and bringing a hierarchy to the website.

  • How do we build a website that meets our audiences’ tech needs and habits?
  • With so many project types and areas of specialty, how do we consolidate content without compromising our service offerings?
  • In what ways do we make our website a true business tool?

Analysis & Guidance

The pain point for Harper was the efforts of maintaining a website that was lacking user engagement, and thus not leveraging sales and business leads. Prior to the launch of their new site, a user’s average time on site was a mere 30 seconds, with only 0.03% of visitors navigating to any type of contact page. The hurdles were clear; upgrade the platform to an engaging website, both visually and with content, and filter users down the sales funnel in order to create more contact inquiries.

Strategy, KPIs & Execution

As with any project or website launch at BRIGHT+CO, establishing clear measurable goals was paramount for building out this website project. By facilitating thorough conversations with their team, we were able to consult, guide and establish a handful of meaningful KPIs for their new website:

  1. Generate more new business leads
  2. Create a mobile-friendly/responsive design that is easy to manage internally
  3. Consolidate and restructure content and navigation
  4. Create a seamless user flow for finding pertinent information
  5. Highlight priority content across the website

Post Launch Results

Within the first 6 months of the website launch, the engagement numbers skyrocketed.

  • 134% increase in time spent on the website
  • Contact Page visits went from less than 20 to over 3,800 (191,600%)
  • Organic Traffic increased by 5% 2018 vs 2017
  • 25% increase in new users 2018 vs 2017 (meaning more new potential leads coming to the website)
  • 22% increase in website traffic 2018 vs 2017 (no paid media was involved in this result)


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