Morgan McCallum

Copy Writer

The moment where big, shareable ideas and razor-sharp strategy align is like catnip to Morgan. Digging into—and geeking out over—each client’s business never grows old, and finding fresh creative solutions to intricate challenges is something she loves to do as part of the killer team at BRIGHT + CO (great work > big egos).

With 9+ years of experience working with advertising agencies and diverse organizations on both coasts, Morgan firmly believes in the power of play, and is always searching for that white-hot insight into how, why and what motivates people. An M.A. graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Morgan has built her career and her approach to smart marketing on award-winning work with brands like Caesar’s Entertainment, Scripp’s Health, Mary Kay, Le Creuset, Kamado Joe, Spinx, CaroMont Health and many others.

When not brainstorming and doodling with her colleagues at BRIGHT+CO, getting into trouble with HR or crafting memorable copy for client campaigns, you’ll find Morgan indulging her culinary obsessions, hiking with her doggo and helping her printmaker husband run a local studio + gallery business called Good Art Co.


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