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BRIGHT+CO Recognized by Silicon Review Magazine as One of the Fastest Growing Digital Agencies

Greenville, S.C.BRIGHT+CO Marketing was named one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the U.S. by Silicon Review Magazine.

BRIGHT+CO was recognized for its team’s level of experience and award-winning talent, the unique business model that allows clients to have large traditional agency benefits without the hefty price tag and the knowledge of how to bring both the art and science of marketing together to build brands across channels.

“Our team of marketing professionals knows how to build integrated communications programs that generate better results for our clients,” said Jennifer Sutton, BRIGHT+CO’s founder and CEO. “Our approach offers companies a very modern, nimble, tech-savvy and cost-efficient way to get the best, most up-to-date thinking and talent and I am excited that our work was recognized at such a high level.”

BRIGHT+CO is a full service marketing company that offers fewer layers of costly bureaucracy, that consumes less time, and that simply offers clients better thinking and higher quality output. “With our team, you will get that marketing communications power bundled with intelligent, strategic thinking. We have prowess in everything from branding and advertising, to pricing, process and physical environment. No agency offers the art and science of marketing in as nimble a way as we do,” said Andy Mendelsohn, BRIGHT+CO’s chief creative officer.

BRIGHT+CO’s clients are mostly US-based and headquartered in the SE and NE regions. The company has a depth of experience with CPG brands, QSR and other retail-based sectors, real estate and industrial/manufacturing global brands. Some of its notable clients are Café Enterprises, Wastequip and its family of brands (Wastequip, Toter, Galbreath, Pioneer, & Mountain Tarp), Microban International, Gulf Bay Group, and RSC Bio Solutions.


BRIGHT+CO is a woman owned, SC-registered corporation with its principal office in Greenville, SC. Jennifer Sutton is the CEO and founder of the new agency model and believes that for any marketing campaign or program to be successful, both science and art need to be equally thought through and applied. Andy Mendelsohn is the Chief Creative Officer and shares Jennifer’s vision for helping organizations, big or small, develop strategies that place the consumer at its core. And, doing so in a manner that is much more contemporary, agile, cost-efficient and technologically savvy way than other agencies are doing. BRIGHT+CO provides the strategic acumen of the best consulting firms, the leadership and vision of the best CMOs, and the detailed execution of the best creative firms, where we design a cohesive and collaborative team around our client’s needs and budgets.


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