Three Top Marketing Trends for 2018

Three Top Marketing Trends for 2018

Businesses today are experiencing both difficult challenges and exciting opportunities as the world moves into 2018. On the one hand, changes are occurring so rapidly and marketing doors are opening so broadly that it can be difficult to get your brand message noticed. On the other hand, technological advancements are providing the tools necessary to capture and maintain a competitive advantage as long as you know what trends to follow.

Here is our list of three of the top marketing trends to pursue in the New Year.

Harness the Power of Mobile Devices

There is no getting past it – computers have become integrated into our overall life experience and continue to make further inroads as technology advances and more of the world’s population gain access to it. Not only has technology become advantageous, but it is increasingly necessary to harness the power of these machines in order gain desired brand recognition.

A growing number of companies are jumping on the internet bandwagon which means brand campaigns will continue to increase into the coming year. Social media platforms are consistently morphing into marketing powerhouses as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sanpchat and others transform to meet populace hunger for online browsing, communication and purchasing.

The expansion of mobile technology only feeds the fire as more people across the world gain access to their favorite people, companies and brands while on the go. The average person spends 90 percent of their time on mobile devices using messaging or email platforms. It is no wonder that a growing trend going into 2018 is in the use of message platforms such as Chatbots which are a form of robot artificial intelligence designed to interact with humans. To remain on the cutting edge, learning about such tools and integrating them into a marketing strategy is critical.

Utilize Data Tools and Sources

The global auditorium is growing increasingly crowded and noisy as more people join in the use of technological gadgets and gizmos designed to connect them with the world. It can be extremely difficult to find your target audience and promote your brand in such a helter-skelter environment. And, as anyone involved in marketing knows, getting your brand before the most eligible consumers is key to success.

Just as the cotton gin revolutionized the effectiveness and efficiency of crop harvesting and distribution, so are present day data tools and sources revolutionizing the gathering and marketing of brands. Data software and platforms allow businesses to monitor and compare the results of various forms of marketing media so that nonperforming efforts can be adjusted or eliminated and those meeting performance expectations can be bolstered and continued. By integrating data mining tools and sources into your marketing plan, you can maximize both customer reach and company ROI.

Focus on Customer Engagement / Experience

Although turning to the efficiency of machines and the gleaning of data can lead to better marketing results, the value of treating potential customers and existing customers as people cannot be overlooked in the process. The humanity of the customer experience can sometimes be lost in the rise of cold machines and technology. As a result, a lion’s share of available technology seeks to stimulate the buyer’s mind through rational engagement.

However, it is increasingly being found that emotional engagement has a much greater impact on the decisions buyer’s make. Therefore, digital marketing is moving towards more personable interaction with customers by employing videos, chat, virtual reality programs (like Facebook’s Oculus Go), and other means to connect with customers on a more personal level so their experience with the brand is enhanced and memorable.


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