Once Upon a Brand: Crafting Your Narrative with the 12 Archetypes

Hey there, brand builders! Ready to unlock the age-old secrets of storytelling to give your brand a major edge? Let's delve into the world of archetypes and how these timeless personas can shape your brand's narrative.

Now, you're probably thinking, what exactly are archetypes? Think of them as universally recognized personas or characters that recur throughout history in stories from around the globe. Psychologist Carl Jung identified 12 of them, each embodying a unique set of traits, values, and characteristics.

First, we have 'The Innocent,' the everlasting optimist. They aim for happiness and simplicity. Coca-Cola, anyone?

Then there's 'The Everyman,' the relatable one. Brands like Levi's are all over this, mirroring the ordinary guy or gal who just wants to belong.

'The Hero' – they're all about courage and saving the day. Nike nails this one, inspiring the hero in all of us.

Feeling rebellious? 'The Rebel' is all about shaking things up and breaking the norms – shout-out to Harley Davidson!

For 'The Explorer,' it’s about freedom and discovery. Just think of The North Face.

‘The Creator' is about turning dreams into reality – hello, Apple!

If your brand is all about leadership and control, 'The Ruler' is your go-to. Think Rolex.

'Dream to reality' is the motto for 'The Magician.' Disney, anyone?

Fancy a little romance? 'The Lover' is all about intimacy and indulgence – looking at you, Victoria's Secret.

'The Caregiver' is all about nurture and protection. Johnson & Johnson totally owns this one.

If your motto is 'live in the moment,' then you're a 'Jester.' Snapchat's got this down pat.

Finally, 'The Sage' – a seeker of truth and wisdom. Google, we’re looking at you.

Each brand has a unique story to tell, and identifying your brand's archetype can boost your storytelling game. It’s like casting the right actor for a role – when your audience sees your brand in a role they recognize and understand, they are more likely to engage with your story.

Ready to weave these archetypes into your brand's epic tale?


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