Eight Marketing Tips Worth Taping To The Wall

Here’s the deal: there is no magic bullet or secret to overnight success. There is no magical plug-and-play marketing strategy that works for any category. There are, however, real, tangible steps you can take to build a solid brand. It just takes commitment, time and smart, strategic planning.

The ultimate goal of marketing is for a business to create value at every touchpoint, and to connect that value to the right customer base. It’s a simple concept, but it's often difficult for small business owners to find the time to do it. Building the strategic framework and action plan is a lot of homework—precisely why entrepreneurs often hire consultants like Bright+Co. to provide that blueprint for them. With years of experience performing this exercise, we’ve got marketing down to an efficient and creative science—and we’re here to share eight important tips with you.

#1: Define What Sets You Apart

What is your unique competitive advantage—the proof point that no one else can claim? This is your Value Proposition, and it affects your brand's voice and personality. Make sure it is captured and clearly articulated in all your messaging.

#2: Step Into Your Customer’s Shoes

Know your audience. Where do they live? How do they shop? Who do they ask/listen to when making decisions related to your product? What media do they consume? Don't just guess, look at your records (or start keeping some!) to determine what demographics make up your current customer base. Who is your ideal customer? And before you say "everyone," it's not about who you want to attract, it's about who you're AIMING FOR. Defining that will help you in every aspect of your marketing. 

#3: Stay the Course

Develop a strong brand identity and infuse it into every facet of your business. Stay convicted and true to your brand and your unique value proposition. Business owners often get tired of their brand sooner than their customers do. (because you see it all day, every day!) Have confidence in the business identity that you are building, as it does take time.

#4: Invest in Looking Your Best

Create beautiful brand assets—whether traditional or digital—as these represent the caliber of your brand and image. Low-budget TikTok videos or ads created in Canva do not appeal to everyone.

#5: Embrace Digital Advantages

Level up your technology; invest in business tools like marketing automation and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track customer relationships and nurture the leads you acquire using social media or email marketing programs.

#6: Make Your Team A Priority

Focus internally first (staff, stakeholders) before you invest in communicating externally (B2B partners, B2C end users). By creating brand ambassadors and culture champions, you gain invaluable and organic marketers that will attract fans and followers on your behalf.

#7: Join the Conversation

Create a robust and cohesive social media presence. Take the time to engage with people online. Listen. Test messages and campaigns. And grow from there.

#8: Know What’s Working—and What’s Not

Define your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators, like click-throughs or sales) and goals for growing your business. Track your results. Don’t be discouraged by slow progress; pivot instead. Don’t get caught up in meaningless vanity metrics; stay focused on tracking meaningful data that drive business results.

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