A Roadmap to Success

Trying to understand the mindset of today’s customer can be difficult and confusing at times – why did they leave your website after spending so much time? Why are you seeing cart abandonment? Why are people opting out of your emails?

Through defining your customer experience journey map, you’ll realize the “ah-ha” moments of gaps between what you think the customer experiences and what the customer actually experiences. 

The most common maps are used to understand the impact of all touchpoints in the customer journey and to understand how each one of the touchpoints impacts the customer emotionally.

So, what are the benefits of visually mapping the customer experience journey? Once complete, you’ll be able to:

  1. Understand the experience of different groups of customers
  2. See where customers interact with your business
  3. See the gaps between desired experience and the one received
  4. Remove inconsistencies in the customer’s experience
  5. Design the ideal customer experience
  6. Improve efficiency in lead nurturing experience
  7. Establish development priorities
  8. Concentrate efforts on what matters most to maximize effectiveness
  9. Develop cross-business alignment within the organization
  10. Improve conversions and activations

Creating a customer journey map can be fun to do, though should not be taken lightly. The visual map can be pretty, but just putting it up on the wall does not help you run or improve your business - and customer journey maps should first and foremost be tools for customer- centric business management.

We’ve developed a six-step process to create customer experience journey maps for a variety of industries and brands. If you’re ready to give your customers the experience they want and need, drop us a line at info@brightcomarketers.com.


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