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“We are a rare agency that really nails both the art and science of marketing.”


BTC_BrightCo“Most companies want more out of their marketing dollars and better results. Our approach offers companies a modern, nimble, tech-savvy, and cost-efficient way to get the best, most up-to-date thinking and talent,” is how Jennifer Sutton describes the company she founded in late 2013.

This is something that they hear repeatedly—that BRIGHT+CO is the rare agency with deep knowledge and capability when it comes to media, digital, funnel metrics, and marketing automation, and synchronizing media efforts using consolidated data. Combined with a great, award-winning creative product and you have an agency that nails both the science and art of marketing.

BRIGHT+CO Marketing takes a different tack to fulfill clients’ complex and diverse marketing needs by pulling together teams of experts to custom design solutions. Jennifer, a 25-year advertising agency veteran, designed the company to bring more punch to clients’ marketing dollars by employing teams of the best and brightest—from media buyers, public relations strategists, web developers, writers, graphic designers, and creative strategists, to art directors, social media specialists, digital architects and more—to deliver a higher-quality product with less overhead, less bureaucracy, and less waste.

“We are a competitive alternative to large traditional agencies with too many layers and silos, and too much wasted time to provide brand-building, strategic guidance, creative execution, and media delivery in today’s world. We will always give you the hardest working dollar,” says Andy. “No longer do companies need to call on a digital agency, a PR firm, a media buying agency, and hire a creative team for ads. We coordinate all of it under one cohesive strategy with better results.”

BRIGHT+CO provides strategic and brand guidance, project leadership, and quality control processes that bring consistency of message, high-quality output, and project management best practices.

The unique business model has worked. BRIGHT+CO has doubled its business every quarter from its headquarters, a 100-year-old home on Williams Street, where team members congregate and collaborate in a space where great ideas on a whiteboard marinate and grow into that next big idea.

Together, Andy and Jennifer plan to make BRIGHT+CO one of the largest, most distinctive agencies in this region. They’re off to a great start.

BRIGHT+CO Marketing Consortium, 118 Williams Street, Greenville,, 844.817.SMART (6278)


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