Why are users leaving your website?

Why Are Quality Users Leaving Your Website?

You’ve worked so hard to get the right person to your website either through digital, social, email, referral, or otherwise. You did it ─ they’re here, clicking around on your site! And suddenly they’re gone. What happened? Why, after bringing a qualified user to your website, did they leave without taking action? Here are some common issues we see on company’s websites. 

Confusing User Flow & Navigation

A common frustration for users when landing onto a website is simply NOT FINDING WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR. If someone comes to your site with intent, are they able to find the information quickly and easily? Is your navigation clean and accessible? Additionally, are there clear calls-to-action on pages for them to contact you, request more info, download something, etc.? Many websites can be frustrating for folks when there is no clear user path and the menu labeling is unclear and disorganized. You should evaluate your site’s user flow and navigation thoroughly. Where are people spending the most time on your site and where are they dropping off the most?

Your Site is Boring

Let’s be honest, we’ve all experienced websites that are very bland and underwhelming. So how do you keep from having a boring site? You don’t need the fanciest motion graphics and pop-ups to draw users in. Instead, focus on featuring storytelling and imagery that is both quality and creative. Does your brand’s voice, tone, and culture come through on your website? Is there something actionable for users to do when they land on your site? Do you give them a way to easily engage with you? Since your website is a critical part of your customer’s journey, the digital experience touchpoint should seamlessly mirror your brand promise. Whether it be a phone call, chat bot, or an in-person experience at your store, it’s imperative for every element of your brand to be consistent across all interactions. Why? Because consumers expect this. And seeing that word-of-mouth is the best (and free) marketing tool, you’ll want to make sure these interactions are positive. Spend some time and effort with a fresh perspective on your website. Don’t rely on generic copy and stock photography—invest in the digital presence of your brand and engage users through thoughtful content, calls to action, video, and original imagery.

Thin Content

Your website is (or should be) the information hub of your brand. Users expect to be able to search and find detail and descriptive information on whatever product or service they’re interested in on your site. If you only feature high-level vague content, people will get frustrated and bounce off your site. There is a balance here—you don’t want to be a digital encyclopedia Britannica and yet you need to have some meat to your site’s content, especially for your most valuable products, services, and offerings. Does your content provide information and at the same time help educate users on what they are viewing? Is it a resource, or just stating facts? Consider auditing your site’s content and prioritizing what pages need to be bolstered and have more depth. 

Your Site is Too Slow

So here I am, I’m on my smartphone and I’ve made it to your site... and I’m waiting and waiting and... just forget it, it’s taking too long. You have 3 seconds or less to serve up your site to users before they’re frustrated and move on to the next site. Have you done a site speed test recently? Does your site load well on mobile without 5G internet? Users demand quick access to information and a seamless experience from device to device. Optimizing your site’s digital assets, server and backend are crucial for providing appropriate load times and functionality. 

In Short

Your website is one of your most powerful marketing tools and should be a lead generating machine. If it’s not currently, you should evaluate what’s happening when qualified leads and users come to your site and where things are falling short. If you need assistance, contact us at BRIGHT+CO to learn more about our service offerings, as well as auditing and heat mapping tools for your website. Learn more about our capabilities and view our portfolio at brightcomarketers.com/portfolio.


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