Streamlining and Storytelling

We’re all the product of our stories. 

Habitat for Humanity is a relatively well-known brand–locally and internationally. But, the communities they serve don’t tend to have a clear understanding of the organization’s model. Habitat for Humanity is a long-term solution that utilizes local dollars to help families in need of affordable housing build stability and self-reliance in local communities. These future homeowners help build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage. 

Habitat for Humanity provides more than affordable housing programs – it provides hope. Hope for a new journey. Hope for a better life. Hope for a better story. 

When we started working with Habitat,it was apparent the disconnect was rooted in the inconsistency of the brand. The organization was communicating too many different messages in an attempt to target specific audiences. 

And while it’s common for organizations to say, “that’s just how we’ve always done it,” we asked them to consider shifting their marketing strategy. They needed a “Marie Kondo”tidying up. We call it streamlining.

The brand refresh began with updating the brand for visual consistency. The message also needed a new voice, tone, and perspective. For years, their message was focused on the “Habitat” part of the organization, but the message needed to shift to the “Humanity” of their mission. And if they wanted the community to clearly understand their services and impact, we needed to reframe how Habitat for Humanity’s mission and impact were told. 

Why? Because people make decisions based on their emotions. We needed to hear from real people supported by Habitat sharing their real stories –their journey to a new life and the hope that Habitat gave their families.

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