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Social media night sweats, anyone?

You love to do awesome work. But you're dealing with the pressure of client messaging in a time of world chaos. 

As a social media manager, I’m finding myself a bit speechless–possibly even debilitated. So, I broke down why I’m having night sweats over social media’s constant changes and never-ending noise. This is my discovery.

  • The Tweets. You know what I’m talking about. (Note: this is a non-partisan comment)
  • Fake news. Wait, people don’t always tell the truth?
  • Algorithms. I beg social media platform designers to stop making updates for a week – just one week.
  • And what is this new Facebook look? 
  • Brands boycott Facebook – but for how long?
  • Big Tech goes to the House! But this is nothing to be proud of. Side note, the only company representatives were men –shocker.
    • Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Google's Sundar Pichai, and Apple's Tim Cook
  • TikTok. But really... Tick... Tock... still waiting to see how that turns out.

I could continue, but you see my point.

The cold truth is, if you want to make it out alive – and employed – you’ll have to step it up, stay on your toes, and settle into those night sweats. 

I suggest starting with daily exploration – read every credible article you can to learn the latest changes and trends. This will help in planning how to alter, pivot, and adjust your strategy and tactics to meet your client’s goals and objectives. Even though these have probably changed as well. 

If you need a little boost to get going, here are five points to consider as you adjust your strategies: 

  1. Put a pause on scheduled posts
    1. You can’t get comfortable and presume that a social post or promotion you have planned for a month from now will be appropriate or attuned to the broader conversation.
  2. Post in real-time
    1. Investigate conversations, trending topics, and what your audience is doing. Turn to the social listening tools and skills you’ve developed and use those insights to inform the content you create and share. 
  3. Prioritize connection over clicks
    1. Even as business slows, you can still use social media to do what it does best: drive conversations, build community, provide support, tell stories, and share entertainment.
  4. Interact with your community in new ways
    1. Research your employees, influencers, advocates, and biggest fans, contact them, and ask them to collaborate with you. You can then use groups, chats, webinars, live videos, and social stories to spotlight these people and create engaging, interactive content for your audience. People are desperate for human interaction, even if it’s a digital interaction.
  5. Create appointment viewing habits
    1. If you publish new content on the same day of the week in the same format each time, you can train your audience to show up and “tune in.”

If you are in charge of social media, try starting at the root of what’s overwhelming you the most and consider starting with things you’re already familiar. Try to look at this time as a new challenge, a new opportunity to expand your knowledge, and flex your creative muscles.

And if you need a little insight and direction, give us a shout.


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