Old School Tactics for Establishing Your Brand in a Local Community

Digital and social media marketing gets all the attention these days. And these tactics do help establish and grow your brand. But what often gets overlooked for businesses are old school techniques that are also effective for establishing your brand in a local community. Here is a list of mostly-free tried-and-true tactics:

Network locally
Get out of the office and press the flesh. Meet new people in the community by doing coffee or lunch, attending events or workshops in your niche, and finding your local industry chapter. When you’re looking to infuse some interest in your brand, these in-person connections can provide an immediate lift and will likely pay dividends down the road.

Join the Chamber of Commerce
This could have been listed under networking but warrants a call-out. A local Chamber of Commerce is a great way to get noticed easily in the community. A chamber membership shows you’re serious about what you do and connects you with a lot of other local companies, some of which could use your services.

Be added to a local business directory
Similar to joining the Chamber of Commerce, this is an easy way for your business to get noticed. Just Google “business directories near me” and you’ll likely find several lists to join. A local business directory serves as a free marketing platform for your company.

Set up your Google My Business listing
This is another free and easy option for businesses that have a brick-and-mortar location. Request to have your business verified through the Google My Business webpage. After confirming, people will be able to visit your website, call you, and find directions to your location. You’ll also be able to see stats of who is viewing your business.

Give back to a local non-profit
This philanthropic option is great for the firm that wants to make a difference in the community. If you have the funds, offer to financially support a local non-profit and throw a party while doing it. If your funds are tight, offer a day for your employees to volunteer and post your activities on social media.

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