2021 Trends Lead to 2022 Tactics

Convenience or data privacy? Meta or LinkedIn? What does Google want now? The point is that we can bank on the fact that the digital "world" is not slowing down for anyone. Let’s look at how we can learn from the top 2021 trends and turn them into tactics for 2022.


Video. But keep it short!

Video has been on the rise for some time, but TikTok has amplified consumer demand for short, info-packed video content.

What’s great about this? Consumers are no longer drawn to or even expect to see high-gloss, Chanel-styled video content. Save that for the magazines - and put high production costs to another line item of your marketing budget.


Modernize your story.

Tell your story, not what you want your story to be. In 2020 we kept an eye on how some of the biggest brands in the world reacted – or didn’t – to the social injustices occurring at that time. Check out Authenticity Is No Longer an Option to see which brands were able to modernize their story by taking an authentic stance on a subject because it is directly related to their core values.

We've learned that people want your story delivered in a certain way (see Trend 1) and from a certain perspective – that of other consumers. Shift your marketing to focus on how your brand is delivering on its promises, not just what it promises. See how we took a new approach to modernize Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County’s brand story in our blog Streamlining and Storytelling.


CX Remains a Top Priority for Users

The digital ecosystem that was critical for businesses and consumers to adopt in early 2020 has transformed customer service, customer experience, and sales methods forever. So, it’s no surprise that customers expect a great experience when interacting with your brand – even if it’s a bot.

There are three major areas you will want to focus on building and improving to meet your customer’s needs and wants in the digital atmosphere:

  1. Meet your customers on the platforms where they live
  2. Understand your customer’s feelings and why
  3. Implement AI and machine-learning to enhance positive experiences 

Dig deeper into this information in Digital-First Mindsets Create Positive CX.


Partner with Influencers (the ones that make sense for your brand)

It’s not certain who was the first social media influencer, but the rise of social has changed the very definition of influence marketing.

For example, today, 60% of users credit Instagram with product discovery. Old Spice’s 2010 commercial “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” with NFL star Isaiah Mustafa was their way to reposition the brand to connect with a younger audience and move away from its reputation as an old man’s product.

In the last two years, influencer marketing has shifted from macro to micro-influencers. Why? Micro-influencers aren't celebrities, and people can actually relate to these people. Niche or micro-influencers offer a more trustworthy relationship, which is critical to meet the needs of today’s consumers. (Which goes back to trend two.) 

You may see a common denominator between these trends. Connection.

It’s interesting that in such a physically disconnected world our basic human need to connect with others has forced us to adopt and adapt to new methods, new formats, and stay open to whatever is coming next!


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