Our Stats

Year founded: 2013

Office location: In 2014, we bought a 100-year-old building in downtown Greenville, SC, and renovated it to create a hyper-collaborative, think-tank style working space for the teammates based in this region.

Our Network: The business model does not operate using traditional payroll services, instead we hire our teammates on a contractual basis, based on their expertise, our pipeline needs and the future teammate's capacity. There are over 300 teammates in our network of marketing experts that have been vetted to ensure quality of experience and capabilities. To date, we have approximately 10 teammates on our core team as full-time equivalent and 10 serving on a part-time basis. Based on the years of experience on the agency-side, we have found this method of teammate compensation provides a more passionate and dedicated workforce and working environment, which has equated to a client benefit of better thinking and better results.

# of Current Clients: 30

# of years marketing experience among our core team: over 200

# of brands of collective experience of our core team: over 2,500+


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